Vabis Lenkrad Steering Wheel


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Vabis Lenkrad Steering Wheel for Scania Streamline, Scania R2009 and 50k Scania R2008 Trucks

Authors: Antony, Peerke145, By ManuBe98


10 Responses to Vabis Lenkrad Steering Wheel

  1. wegger says:

    thank you!

  2. daa23 says:

    preview with SCania T :

    • By Manu.Be98 says:

      Get something under my Mod !!!
      Otherwise, is the legal consequence !!!
      And that’s not for the Scania T !!!

  3. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

    Finally i got this stearing wheel in Scania Streamline thanks man đŸ™‚

  4. Tribaltech says:

    ty very much!

  5. Tribaltech says:

    You may make, 50k DAF XF 4 Spoke wheel, compatible with 1.11.1, fixes some bugs?

    would be perfect xD

  6. OneGerman says:

    Works with Scania Streamline by Punisher?

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