Valiant FH (2012) Clippy Skin


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This is a skin mod for Valiant FH (2012) truck of Clippy Youtube Channel Profile Image
Tested on versions: 1.19


DOWNLOAD 1.36 MB (uncheck checkbox and click grey download button)

22 Responses to Valiant FH (2012) Clippy Skin

  1. Clippy says:

    You want Renault Premium Clippy Skin?

    • KL44S says:

      When you are creating a skin you could use another layer for the reference. After yo finish you could delete or deactivate that layer.

    • KL44S says:

      When you are creating a mod you could add a new layer for the reference image and delete after you finish the mod.

  2. syncmafiaa says:

    Clippy do you need help with the skins??
    1.Its well out of place.
    2.You dont know how to get rid of the lines

  3. Nico says:

    WTF is this crap? it looks terrible.. bleah.

    • Clippy says:

      Please read:
      Commenting Rules
      1. No insulting messages aimed at other comments or authors.
      2. No swearing. If you’re angry of something – ignore it or contact with ETS2.LT team.
      3. Respect mod authors and users.

      • Clippy says:

        If you don’t know some english,read:
        1.Nu insulta utilizatori si autori.
        2.Nu injura.Daca esti nervos dupa ceva – ignoreaza sau contacteaza echipa ETS2.LT
        3.Respecta autori de moduri si utilizatorii.

        • Nico says:

          1. Are you implying that all opinions must be positive? And negative ones should be not expressed?
          2. Are you a backward Romanian communist?
          3. Everybody is entitled to have an opinion, be it positive or negative.
          4. if you can’t stand criticism maybe you should consult a psychologist.

          • Clippy says:

            Eu nu sunt comunist.Sunt o persoana civilizata si cred ca nu trebuie sa jignim niste oameni doar pentru ca nu ne place cum ei realizeaza modurile.Ne spunem parerea,dar nu ii jignim.

        • zoso says:

          if you quickly go to the website of my friend Fred_be in the tutorial are video ready (how to create a skin)

          • Clippy says:

            Thanks,soso for the Fred_be site.I am watching now the tutorial.

          • Clippy says:

            Thanks zoso for the Fred_be site.I am now watching the tutorial for ets2 skinning.

      • zoso says:

        Ciao,clippy give me your contact you will make a video tutorial for skin
        and so we finally this story

  4. Moyeszka Sravenu-Dertyhvo says:

    1. It’s called Volvo, not valiant.
    2. You need skin lessons.
    3. Freedom of speech.

  5. RiXeN says:

    If someone’s Volvo is a Valiant, someone is running a pirated version of the game….

    • Clippy says:

      I have game buyed,but i like the old name of this truck (From Euro Truck Simulator 1).

  6. Enrico Pallazzo says:

    Guys, I’m pretty sure this is just one of the regular posters of quality work being a bit devilish and having a lend of you (us) all.

    But, if not, keep at it Clippy. But don’t be sensitive, the internet can be a tough place if you are seeking approval of others. Take what people are saying as constructive criticism and soon you’ll be winning them other with your improved work.

  7. nameless says:

    There should really be a upvoting and downvoting feature on this site, so that way we can download the mods worth downloading and that way useless mods like this can be pushed further back. This is so stupid. The community lacks creativity nowadays.

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