Valleys v 1.4

valleys-1 valleys-2 valleys-3

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There is a add on europe map and tooooo long tunnel.

It’s by the Lille



9 thoughts on “Valleys v 1.4

  1. Marcel1801

    where does the tunnel go to?

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      In to the hell ?

  2. The map looks great.
    May I ask compatible with which version of game ?

  3. The_Paper_Driver

    Sorry. I forget write. This map is
    Corresponding V 1.2.5~

    1. Thanks for replying.
      But , is it for V1.2.5 ?
      Or for V1.25 ?

  4. The_Paper_Driver

    Oh I’m sorry, This mod is ets2 v 1.25~ … This mod is not English. So I’ll make English version.

    1. Thanks your replying.
      I would like to wait your English version mod.

  5. The_Paper_Driver

    sorry , i can’t update this mod. because i don’t have many times and this mod is crush well.. so i searching crushing problems.

    1. Hi, It’s ok. I know modding is very difficult and hard. Thanks for making your mods and sharing.

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