Van Caudenberg Skin for Scania S by SCS

This mod is fully adapted to version 1.32 and works only on a HIGHLINE cabin. He paints metallic edges, paint lines … and the rest will see for yourself!
I hope you will enjoy!
P.S. it is desirable to have DLC Mighty Griffin=)



5 thoughts on “Van Caudenberg Skin for Scania S by SCS

  1. willy1962

    I asume its a skin from the VTC , van caudenberg ?
    if so is it possible to place some trailer skins ?
    I would have them to use in game.

      1. friendbredovich

        but it turned out beautifully?

  2. willy1962

    maybe now you understand :….0…1c.1.64.img..2.5.286…0i7i30k1j0i5i30k1.0.khAv1k7JRVg#imgrc=egNwP9lUpIZ27M:&spf=1536685947923

  3. Can someone do a 1.43 update for this?

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