Van Der Hart Scania 4 Series

A RJL Scania 4 series skin of the Dutch operator Van Der Hart R/J. Comes with…

RJL Scania 4 series

abasstreppas wheels paintjob

powerkasi Scania RS Addons big lightbox and some def files for compatibility for the 4 series

also recommended

powerkasi Light & Accessory pack

My forum page!
(I take skin requests there.)

Lost Virtual


3 thoughts on “Van Der Hart Scania 4 Series

  1. Thanks again!

  2. Gácsi Mihály

    Hello! It would be a problem that unfortunately it is not possible to put on the michelin dolls, the horns, the super signal, and the tail lights either. I use 1.38. What to do?

  3. lightbox dont work for me. what to do??

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