Van Geest International Chereau FRC trailer


Trailer: Chereau FRC
Company: Van Geest International
Country: Netherlands
-Including standalone Chereau FRC trailer made by: Hotracer, Kamaz, Jirka, Dominik, and Ventyres
– Including realistic VGI trailer textures
-Blue color is reworked
-Textures from back of trailer are reworked
-Realistic trailer cargo’s
-Cargosystem compatible with DLC North
-Realistic UI Workshop icoon
-Including Manifest
-Made in coorporation with Van Geest International
-1.22x Tested

For Mod requests and questions:
Mail: [email protected]

Elitesquad Modz


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7 thoughts on “Van Geest International Chereau FRC trailer

  1. is it really standalone now or if i use only standalone i dont see him !?

  2. Matthijs de Goede

    It is standalone mate!

    1. Why if i use a only standalone i dont see him 🙂

      Matthijs !?

  3. my friend very good job
    but we must add the original authors of the trailer (Hotracer, Kamaz, Jirka, Dominik, Ventyres)

  4. Arthur Vince

    Prachtig!! Thanks..

  5. Elitesquad Modz

    #Zoso thanks for reminding, I forgot!

    1. But there is no problem
      I’m reminded of these authors because I
      I’m working on that trailer.
      respect for you and all authors

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