Van Geest International Chereau FRC trailer


Trailer: Chereau FRC
Company: Van Geest International
Country: Netherlands
-Including standalone Chereau FRC trailer made by: Hotracer, Kamaz, Jirka, Dominik, and Ventyres
– Including realistic VGI trailer textures
-Blue color is reworked
-Textures from back of trailer are reworked
-Realistic trailer cargo’s
-Cargosystem compatible with DLC North
-Realistic UI Workshop icoon
-Including Manifest
-Made in coorporation with Van Geest International
-1.22x Tested

For Mod requests and questions:
Mail: [email protected]

Elitesquad Modz


7 Responses to Van Geest International Chereau FRC trailer

  1. mvd says:

    is it really standalone now or if i use only standalone i dont see him !?

  2. Matthijs de Goede says:

    It is standalone mate!

    • mvd says:

      Why if i use a only standalone i dont see him 🙂

      Matthijs !?

  3. zoso says:

    my friend very good job
    but we must add the original authors of the trailer (Hotracer, Kamaz, Jirka, Dominik, Ventyres)

  4. Arthur Vince says:

    Prachtig!! Thanks..

  5. Elitesquad Modz says:

    #Zoso thanks for reminding, I forgot!

    • zoso says:

      But there is no problem
      I’m reminded of these authors because I
      I’m working on that trailer.
      respect for you and all authors

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