Vanessa Pashmina MAP 5.0

The Fictional Map, Vanessa Pashmina MAP, updated to Version 5.0

-Create New Companies
-Create more than 5X towns
-Independent Gas Stations
-Extra Ferry to connect China/EAA.
-Reworked some Roads and Towns.
-Repaired Bugs from Vanemap 4.

Need DLC Scandinavia, Italy, Going East, France, Baltic and Black Sea to work. and Can combine with other map mods like Promods, EAA, China, Romania EX, Poland Rebuild, etc etc.

Vanessa Pashmina (RIP) and Sept, Alta Tension MX, Sirio, and T. Reforma.


2 thoughts on “Vanessa Pashmina MAP 5.0

  1. Thanks!

  2. for 1.39 or 1.40?

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