Various colisison walls fixes


This mod fixes collision walls bugs. Collision wall is an invisible
wall, and you crash into it when you go off the road in the game.
However, in various cities i found collision walls that are too away
from buildings and i hate it when i am close to one building and i
suddenly crash into nothing, i crash in collision wall that is 50cm’s
away from the building. Maybe you didnt notice it, but i explore
cities alot and i saw that it occurs from time to time.
This mod is comptabile with version 1.7.1 and up to Thanks!
I’we also uploaded it on mediafire for easier download! Sory im not
really good at english im from Croatia. If you have any problems
please contact me on my mail: [email protected]



7 thoughts on “Various colisison walls fixes

  1. olivier88

    remote loading does not function

  2. No funciona el link!

  3. Hmm, some error occured in mediafire. New link will be here in seconds!

  4. which city’s were tested for collisions ?. as there is no mention of this in the description.

    or did you test Every city in the std default game map and fix All the collisions if applicable in Every city ?.

    and your English is very good ( if a translation program was used to convert typed Croatian into typed English.


  5. The walls are not a major problem. The plastic kerbs cause of significant damage.

  6. Well, i tested alot cities. However i’ve made it only for few cities, download link is broken, but i’m releasing new version later today because of one bug that i made by mistake. It really sucks when you need to make U turn, an while making it you pass by some wall or bush and hit it, but you’re like 50cm’s from it. Ofcourse, this isn’t very often but it know’s to happen. Please be patient!

  7. V1.1 is out! I’ve uploaded it, now its mattter of minutes-depend’s on is admin on duty or offline

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