Vaxhuall Vivaro v0.2 beta


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Vaxhuall Vivaro V0.2 Beta
In this update:
new lightmask
skins added
interior added (beta version)
beacons added

DragonModz, Klolo901

Forbidden to edit and reupload!


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10 thoughts on “Vaxhuall Vivaro v0.2 beta

  1. Report this id!ot modders, last 5 mods don’t work, they only post for the downloads. ###### twats.

    1. DragonModz

      u cant have other vans activated

      1. can we have a video preview of this vivaro update mate?

        1. nevermind lol

  2. Gameguy 2

    in me work good these mods are best van mods in ets2

  3. Scooby123

    In the next version please make interior without bugs…
    And there will be fine

  4. Blaziken777Sverige

    Everytime i open the Mercedes Benz dealer, the game crashes.
    A thing i noticed was that the first truck there was named “mercedes sprinter”. So idk if this mod is fake or something. Has checked in other truck dealers and found nothing but the original trucks. :/

  5. the game crashes when i entering the truck dealer….
    here’s the log

    00:15:04.161 : Creating save-game file (/home/profiles/6D6F62696C/save/autosave_drive/game.sii) …
    00:15:04.164 : Game has been auto-saved.
    00:15:22.598 : water level unregistered (0)
    00:15:39.390 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/warehouse_small/bus_station_02bg.ppd’ version 20 to current version (21)
    00:16:46.062 : pause
    00:16:50.061 : pause
    00:18:40.710 : Creating save-game file (/home/profiles/6D6F62696C/save/autosave/game.sii) …
    00:18:40.740 : Game has been auto-saved.
    00:18:45.622 : [trigger] Failed executing global command ‘play_music’
    00:18:56.761 : ui t console:system_02
    00:19:08.467 : ui t console:system_02
    00:20:05.450 : Missing accessory (/def/vehicle/f_wheel/sprin_f.sii) replaced by (/def/vehicle/f_wheel/sprint_f.sii).
    00:20:05.450 : Missing accessory (/def/vehicle/r_wheel/sprin_r.sii) replaced by (/def/vehicle/r_wheel/sprint_r.sii).
    00:20:06.002 : Missing model animation: /vehicle/truck/mercedes_benz/interior/fuel_st.pma

  6. plz update in 1.27!

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