VAZ 2105


The model is spelled out in a separate slot in the cabin DAF
– Your interior
– Your wheels
– My sound
– Your salon.
one cabin
– one chassis
Test on version 1.24



16 thoughts on “VAZ 2105

  1. Test Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  2. hello,test vide 1.24 my chanel

  3. ScaniaVabis93

    hay man what is this for a map in the Pictures? Looks very nice.

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  5. Test Video in my A-S-S!
    You are bugging us with you f..ckin adverts Mr. GermanTruck, Rafal Blablabla and friends!!!

  6. Test video on my channel KEFIR TV:

  7. Steering wheel needs to be fixed!

    1. +AleRugg2 Yup Need to Fix i did say it as the old mod too

    2. This is not a bug, issue, it’s intented to be. As in real life,the steering wheel has another default position 10-30 Degrees after changing direction parts.

  8. I can’t understand why make this mod. If you’re going to make a CAR mod in a TRUCK game, why this sh.t? Why not go for a lamborghini, ferrari, aston martin…
    At least, we could experience driving something worth driving!

    1. I have owned cars from the brands you mentioned and never felt better than driving my VAZ. You are new to serious gaming and modding, aren’t you? 😉

      1. GamerLionfish

        Lamentin, correct me if I’m wrong, but the impression that I’m getting is that you seem to like Lada cars better than Lamborghini, Ferrari & Aston Martin. Why is that?

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