Vaz 2106 2.1 by M@x_1996

Vaz 2106 2.0 by M@x_1996
– Tuning
– Standalone (MAN dealer)
– Interior
– AO
– Lightmask
– Wheels
– Redone metallic
– Changed mats
– Fixed log
– Windows animations
— Game Version 1.43



14 thoughts on “Vaz 2106 2.1 by M@x_1996

  1. Sweet Amber AUS

    would it be possible to bring this over to ATS, i just love these cars

  2. why must be so big file can compress file more to reduce file size

  3. is 2108 and 2114 your mod too if and please update them too or put all 2106,2108 and 2114 all in one scs pack

  4. The mod is great. Congratulations. Increasing the top speed makes the mod even more beautiful. For example, by increasing the engine speed or adding a gearbox.

  5. fix the missing window texture plz

  6. Max can you please fix the Gaz van for 1.43 and transmission with engine too? I really like russian machines and gaz is my love 🙂

  7. Good mod. Realistic and well done

  8. Sweet Amber AUS

    Gday again Max,
    if you read these comments, please oh please can you add this to ATS, this girl loves ladas and the type, why i dont know, they are cute lol, your mod looks like one of the best mods ive seen from faisad1 video review

  9. cok tesekkurler bu mod icin modun her bisiyi guzel yalniz hizinda problem var onu inseAllah duzeltirsiniz… Sizden rica etsem mercedes C 280 1999 ve E 240 2003 bunlari yapa bilirmisiniz amma rica etsem hiz ayarlari secenyi koyarmisniz

  10. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – VAZ (Lada) 2106 (Vintage 1976-2006) [1.43]

  11. Najebany_Stary

    very nice mod

  12. hello, i wanted to ask you something. Can you make this car (moskvich 1500 ) ?
    I really want to play with this old russian model !
    Thank you !!!

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