VAZ 2106 modified

VAZ-2106-1 VAZ-2106-2

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Spelled out in the salon – DAF
Prescribe homepage (gallery)
1 Cabin
2 chassis
Support for DLC Cabin Accesories
There is a tuning

Replaced sounds (much like at maximum) real sounds I do not have a will and redesigned.
I changed the texture of interior on the real 2106 + added wood trim.
I changed the car weight (reduced to kamfortnoy drive (physics does not allow for real))
now the car goes into a skid, as well as being under heavy braking,
braking intensivnost stavte on: min.
I changed engines.
1 PPC – real gear ratios.
He added “Icon” VAZ where – Accessories.
He has changed the location of the sensor on the speedometer “high beam”.
I changed the speedometer

Tested version: v1.23, 1.24

Authors: M @ x_1996; adaptation and change: RNV_Nik1

DOWNLOAD 18 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 18 MB [Uploadfiles]

8 thoughts on “VAZ 2106 modified

  1. TY

    I needed to drive something different on weekend 😉

  2. Test Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  3. HD Test Review on my YouTube channel KEFIR TV:кефирчиктв

  4. GamerLionfish

    Very nice: I’m going to download this mod.

  5. Никита

    Пацаны а где взять прицепы к шестерке ну например как на скрине с лодкой

  6. What’s up with the high-pitched shrieking reverse sound?

    1. JuicyPickle

      dunno but its earbreaking…

  7. Very good work, almost perfect. I can’t use my own license plate.

    Thank you!

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