Very Hard Economy


I have create this simply mod trying make the game more realistic at the real life experience and mainly level up the level difficulty of the game.
it’s also very good to use it with a traffic increase mod .
Some modifications:

– addiotional money from the extra rewards (example for long distance, heavy cargo and so on..) are all proportional with the skill points level that has been reached..

-the average revenue from deliveries is reduced by the half (- 50%)

– the change to be fined for a car crash it’s 100% (it’s like you must pay the damage to the other driver)

– car crash, red light and wrong way fines are now 1.250 Euros, also the others penalities are more expensives.

– unlocked the possibility to buy truck online after the 1st truck bought,

and so on,,

compatibility with all the others mods and maps .
compatibility: v. 1.19.x and 1.18.x.. it certainly work also with 2.0 but i have not tested.



3 thoughts on “Very Hard Economy

  1. MOD of traffic that you use? I noticed something there and enjoyed American style

  2. Seleselenia

    i use a very big combo of traffic mods at the moment…for american style i have added gta iv ai traffic mod and saint row iv ..with them im using also jazzycats packages and some standalone ai the crysler..everything found here in this site ..easy to find anyway 🙂

  3. Seleselenia

    oh i have forgot to write about another little change… if an accident you touch for edample 5 other vehicles…you must pay 1.250 for every vehicle touched …so in this case6.250..if my math gone well 🙂

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