Very Hard Economy mod V1.3


This is my “Very hard Eco” Mod It has been made for version 1.14.x.
The following was changed:
Reduced XP per KM of 1XP on 0.1XP
Increased required the average speed of 62 to 65 km / h
Wahrscheindlichkeit an “Empty Cargo parking space” increases for a job offer from 10 to 25%.
Trucks to be immediately order online.
New drivers do not cost more € 1500 but only € 200.
Maximalschadan cargo of AI drivers of 6 increased to 25%.
No Fixgeld per order for “fast job” and for AI drivers (previously € 350)
Reduced fee per km (not factors) for “fast job” and for AI drivers from 10 € to 2 €.
Auflevelmultiplikator reduced to 1x with AI drivers of 2x.
Probability that an AI driver was driving without cargo to the garage, reduced from 10% to 1%.
Probability to get a suitable job for AI drivers (Fächigkeiten) increased from 80% to 90%.
TSM and Vanilla maximum specific distances. TSM: lvl0: 350km 1:600 2:1,000 km km km 3:1500 4:2250 5:3500 km km / / Vanilla: 250, 350, 600, 900, 1250, 1650 / / Original: 250, 350, 550, 850, 1100, 1500
Fixgeld reduced to 0 € with own truck from 600 €.
Reduced fee per km (not factors) in its own trucks from 15 to 5.
Park bonus 45XP reduced to 15XP.
XP deduction for damage of 12XP / 15XP% damage on /% damage increase.
Possibility aufzunehen a credit increased from 2 min to 20 rides.
Mail that own Equitment is desired increased from 2 min to 15 rides.
Minimum level to take the first loan (€ 100,000) increased from Level 0 to Level 5.



2 thoughts on “Very Hard Economy mod V1.3

  1. cristakey

    Thanks, the old version had some problems with 1.13

  2. Andrew P.

    Causes my game to CTD after starting a new game.

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