Very Powerful Engine and Big Fuel Tank

– very powerful engine of 12000 HP and big Fuel Tank 10000 litres
– Tested on Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.31.
hope you like it, I imagine that this is my last mod because I’m busy



4 thoughts on “Very Powerful Engine and Big Fuel Tank

  1. Need For Speed, ####### !

  2. papaghostPT

    Why, my God? 12000 HP and Fuel Tank 10000 litres thank god you’re going to be busy 😉

  3. A powerful engine, which is very good not for speed, because with a standard transmission the car is still over 190 does not go, but for overtaking on a single-lane highway is great. There is a drawback: it makes no sense in 10,000 liters of tank. After 1400 liters of fluid ends for the particulate filter and still need to go to the gas station. By default, this liquid is replenished in the car when refueling. So more than 1600-2000 litres fuel tank no longer makes sense. Thanks you.

    1. papaghostPT

      but 12000HP makes sense for you Slava in your country its normal the trucks have 12000HP and reach speeds in excess of 100 km h this is a “Truck simulator” not a racing game kkkk

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