Video for Renault Magnum knox_xss and Ikarus 250-59 lux v 1.4

Video for Renault Magnum from knox_xss and Ikarus 250-59 lux or any others in which there is a TV or video playback support

-clips about truckers
-spoken clips (saxophone)
-A collection of 7 video clips about truckers (video duration 30 minutes)

Put one option video to choose from


Move the file in ogv format (uncompressed) along the path:

For Renault: magnum_updates_ (version of Renault Magnum) video

For IIkarus 250-59 lux: karus_250_59_lux.scs video

In version 1.4:

Added by:
-Collection of 9 new 2018 clips about truckers (video duration 40:09)
-called a collection of new clips 2018 (who they need to download the previous version 1.3)



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