Video in Adviser


Play video files in game Adviser



13 thoughts on “Video in Adviser

  1. IndraRahayudi

    Looks Great
    Video File Included in this file?

    1. Piratxxx11

      down and see ok? 😀 but-im tested..yes little video its inclued.

  2. Супер!!! Большое Вам СПАСИБО. У вас отличные моды. Удачи!!!

  3. Quent1_Fr

    How to change the video ?

    1. F8

  4. How do i replace the test video to one of my own videos

  5. sillyeejits about as helpful as a chocolate teapot that

  6. Piva how are you, you can contact the church because online OCS do not know how you send a message pw

    1. I don’t have another private messages

  7. Trucker Steve

    great mod, but when i crash, enter gas station, enter repair place, the video will automatically start playing

    Stop !! i only want the video to play when i press F8

    1. I want it too, but I can’t do it

  8. Hi, at each toll station starts the video from the front and even if the map opens and then leaves again.

    Many greetings,

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