Village House DK19 Poland

Hey there,
It’s my first mod. I managed to create a small house where you can stop. The house is placed near road DK19 Lublin-Białystok. The house is placed on a tiny island, where you can get by a bridge.


Just drag the zzzzDzialka.scs to your ETS2 mod folder. That’s it !
Activate the mod in mods manager

DLC’S: Needed: Going East, Scandinavia
Working perfect on scs basic map
May not work with Promods/Poland Rebuilding
Should work with RusMap.

Game version 1.38



3 thoughts on “Village House DK19 Poland

  1. could u make a house near Kaunas in Lithuania and also make it work for promods plz 😀 Btw nice mod 🙂

    1. Hey, Thanks!
      I would do it, but something’s wrong and I cant start a game with a map addon made on promods base :/

  2. And there is one information, You can reupload this mod only when you ask me 😀

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