Virotic LED Package by Void v1.3

his mod is completely made from scratch by myself, Void. This includes the model itself. If you would like to use this addon, it is avaliable for most accessory slots.
This modification features the following:
-Strobe – 4 Patterns of blue,
-Strobe – 4 Patterns of orange,
-Strobe – 4 Patterns of red,
-Strobe – 4 Patterns of white,
-Static – Blue,
-Static – Orange,
-Static – Red,
-Static – White,
-Indicator – Left indicator,
-Indicator – Right indicator,
-Tail lights – Brake light,
-Tail lights – Tail & brake light.
As well as:
-Customizable beacon bar.
For game version 1.43.x

– Increased the intensity of light emitted from LEDs,
– Added 2 new patterns per colour. Basic, slow ON-OFF – 1 being the inverse of the other.



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