Vögel Transporte Ford F-max Skin

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Vögel Transporte skin for the new ford f-max.

i hope you like




11 thoughts on “Vögel Transporte Ford F-max Skin

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    They don’t have Ford 😛

    1. lol hahaha yes i know, im one of their drivers 😛

      1. GermanETS2Driver

        Vogel not Vögel….

        1. It is Vögel with Umlaut actually, check their website: http://voegel-transporte.com/

        2. I know how to spell the name of the company i work for GermanETS2Driver :D:P

      2. TheGreenlightTrucker

        & my dad drive there in real life 😉

  2. Руслан


  3. azparagaz

    goog job

  4. Ford+?+Volvo+FH

  5. Angyalfoldi

    funny 😀 😀 😀

  6. template?

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