Volkswagen Amarok V6 (V1R10) (1.35)

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1.35 crash fix
Speedometer fix (i am not sure if it’s working correctly)
DDS Bitmap fix
Roof lights location fix

trzpro, yellow1441


11 thoughts on “Volkswagen Amarok V6 (V1R10) (1.35)

  1. HI, Would you please make a mod of Volkswagen Bora for version 1.35.x? I would really appreciate that!

  2. ###### ###### mod! Get out with these cars…

    1. Eu Driver

      Get ou with your ###### words 😀 😀 kid.

      1. Shut up I.d.i.o.t!!

      2. Shut up and start your Brain before writing this senseless Reply. 🙁

    2. yes yes yes , you are so right , thanx !!!

  3. jimmy7kyr

    This is a truck simulation game…NOT a car simulation NOT a bus simulaton game you morons…STOP RUINING THE GAME!!!!!!

  4. Why so hostile about it ?

    Just DON’T download the mod !

    1. jimmy7kyr

      Why so hostile??
      Why do you made mods with cars and buses for a truck sumulation game?? If you want to drive a bus play the bus simulation game, if you want to drive a car, there are so many games with cars. IT IS SO SIMPLE.

  5. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  6. cürümcüler tv

    HD Test Video 1.35

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