Volkswagen Bora [1.35]

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-Independent (Standalone)
-Seamless animations
-Engine audio options
-Engine power options
-A few modified parts
-Various chassis options
-Various models (Stock – modified)

-Harun Aras
-Berkay Pekesen

Compatible version:
-Editing is prohibited.

Note: the vehicle exits the mode dealer.



-Bağımsız (Standalone)
-Sorunsuz animasyonlar
-Motor sesi seçenekleri
-Motor gücü seçenekleri
-Bir kaç modifiye parçası
-Çeşitli şasi seçenekleri
-Çeşitli modeller (Stock – Modifiyeli)

Harun Aras
Berkay Pekesen

Uyumlu sürüm:
-Düzenleme yapmak yasaktır.

Not: Araç mod bayisinde çıkmaktadır.

Harun Aras


33 thoughts on “Volkswagen Bora [1.35]

  1. NIce mods man, pls make mod forr ets 2 audi a5 2009 pls man

  2. honda nsx 2019

  3. Florin Costea

    Hello! Can you make Ford Mondeo MK4 2008 break? Please.
    This mod is so great and I will love a Mondeo! Thank you!

  4. This one is good. Interior looks nice, and it drives well over road bumps without losing control so easily. But the engine sound2 is not good when rolling without pressing gas pedal. The year model is a bit old too, would be nice with a 2019 Volkswagen.

  5. Thank you so much!
    It’s wonderful. I’m really grateful!!!

  6. Lucasdriver70

    The best car modder actually. Please continue your work, maybe with modern cars !

  7. Czy mógł bys zrobic Bmw X3 2012

  8. Kardeşim şu modları güzel yapıyorsunuz elinize sağlık ancak bari şu plaka editlemeyi serbest bırakın (.dds dosyasını yani) diğer şeyleri kitleyin (sadece sana değil bütün mod yapımcılarına sözüm)

    1. karsiyakali1912

      plaka dds değil 3d model 🙂

  9. I don’t understand exactly what you mean


  10. Ok, i know why the car mods easily lose control when driving over road bumps, it’s because the stiffness slider is set to max in Options, it needs to be at zero stiffness.

    On a side note, the car seems to accelerate faster if you use manual gears, only 3 and 5

  11. please put golf 2 a very cool and desirable car

  12. Honza-Czech


  13. Toyota Corolla xli 1995 european version next please!!!

  14. Work For ATS

  15. gokhan keser TÜRKİYE

    yeter be bıktık sizden

    1. Berkay1442

      beğenmiyosan kullanma amk zorla kullan diyen mi var sana yarrak

    2. karsiyakali1912

      Dalyarak kardeşim burada seni zorlayan yok istersen siktirolup gidebilirsin yarak yürek modlar seviyorsan yapanlar var onlara bakıver.

  16. jayontheway228

    great mod ! small review this car

  17. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  18. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.35…

  19. cürümcüler tv

    HD Test Video 1.35

  20. AdyExTrEmE

    NIce mods, please make mod for ets 2 Volkswagen Golf 4 Variant. Thank you!

  21. How to car dealer car is avaible?

  22. Can you make a VW Golf IV with 1.6 16v for 1.35 ?

  23. A great mod. Can you make a Volkswagen Golf 4 with 1.6 16v engine ?

  24. A+great+mod+!+Can+you+make+a+Volksvagen+Golf+IV+with+1.6+16v+engine+++?

  25. I don’t find them car in any truck dealer. How I can activate it?

  26. How to unlock this model? Unlock for change a license plate?

  27. Jąćk thę Fóź

    “Note: the vehicle exits the mode dealer.” means that the creator of this mod is retarded and can’t simply spell “Note: the vehicle cannot be purchased at any dealership.”

  28. MarioRZN

    please add realistic red and blue dash lights

  29. great

  30. Chcem stiahnuť hru

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