Volkswagen Constelation V2,4

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MAN dealer
A lot of chasis
A lot of engines
Metalic paint

werdeson borges

werdeson borges


7 thoughts on “Volkswagen Constelation V2,4

  1. Mod from 06 August 2016.

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.26…

    1. You’re Diablo?

    2. Szanuję to, że nagrywasz filmy z modami na yotube, ale czy Ty w ogóle sprawdzasz te mody zanim podasz linka do siebie? Czy po prostu nie ważne czy to fake, czy stary mod, byle wyświetleń więcej?

  3. Звук ужасный

  4. njabz24harare

    There is bin that distracts visibility on the window screen , how do l remove that??

  5. +Standalone
    +Good number of cabins
    +Very many chassis
    +Amazing sound
    +Good cabin visibility
    +Custom customizations

    -Blinker sound is a tad bit annoying
    -A bit lacking in customization (No roof bar, no grille guards etc.)

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