Volkswagen Constellation 24-250

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Iveco Dealer

Tested 1.28

Bruno Garcia


13 thoughts on “Volkswagen Constellation 24-250

  1. Very Bad truck mod…

    1. Easy! Don’t download it.

  2. DerpbombGaming

    bad model, needs a lot of work

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  4. Oliveira362

    Eu sou o Autor Original, Mauricio de Oliveira, por favor, deixe meus creditos.

  5. The problem with Brazilian mods is the very low standards from the modders. Unfortunately, only 1 or 2 of them are capable of producing good mods. In my humble opinion, there is a lack of `know-how` or means to do a good job and so these mods are usually very bad, like the one here.

  6. I like this mod 🙂 thanks.

  7. MauricioOliveira362

    I am the original author please, leave my credits
    ‘ Mauricio De Oliveira ‘
    My video –
    please, leave my credits

  8. Rodrigo Araujo Gameplay


    I’m Rodrigo Araujo From Brazil. If you gringos do not like the mod, just do not download it. Respect the Brazilians, okay. You Europeans and Americans are not better than us and better than anyone else. Respect us.

    OBS: Você Bruno Garcia por favor respeite o verdadeiro autor do mod e coloque o nome dele nos créditos Mauricio Oliveira

    1. DerpbombGaming

      when did we say we where better than you? why cant Brazilians take criticism like normal people? just because you’re all poor and your government is corrupt, doesn’t mean you have to take it out on us 😉

    2. victor lima

      bruno garcia é o youtuber que dirige esse caminhão mano, ai o modelador homenageou ele com o mod

  9. toputaço

    filho da puta coloca esses créditos ai direito nessa desgraçaaa , arronbado vou lascar tua tia fdp , e vai tomar no cu .

  10. victor lima

    pau no cu dos gringo, ninguém faz mod pra vcs não seus porra

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