Volkswagen Crafter 2.5 TDI v 2.0

Volkswagen-Crafter-2.5-TDI-1 Volkswagen-Crafter-2.5-TDI-2 Volkswagen-Crafter-2.5-TDI-3

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It works at 1.22
In his spare wchilach I’ll correct all errors
I hope you are someone useful
Processing of fashion Allowed
The ban on changing the link below to download
– Light Mask
– Metallic Color
– Improved animations
– Added Building type izoterme
– And Much more

Authors: Rafal, Diablo


23 thoughts on “Volkswagen Crafter 2.5 TDI v 2.0

  1. And what’s with a trailer for this Crafter?

    1. fajnie

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    not interesting without Trailer

  3. RoAdRuNnEr

    With this Mod you can Drive this Van and have LOAD on board too for delivery….
    I tested it not, but i think it´s a good choice for this Crafter Mod.


    greetz: RoAdRuNnEr

    1. That’s not mine with single load, a trailer make it in the game, without I can play other games like GTA. 🙂

  4. Nice work. Thank you.

  5. is it compatible with this mod? TRAILER FOR CAR?

    1. Yes, it should be, and if not, download BMW X5 (or Airstream trailer) with trailer and put only trailer to game.

  6. is it compatible with this mod: ” TRAILER FOR CAR?

  7. Looks like a good mod.
    What about game-license-plates?
    A RHD version would be fine 🙂

    1. RagnarModding

      Gb wont be anymore in eu so we dont need rhd….
      Its called europe truck simumator….

      1. EU is the union yeh dumb ####. It´s still connected to the continent 😛

      2. parasperuna

        This just in, Norway is not in Europe.

      3. So Switzerland should not be in this game?

  8. DamianSVW

    Znowu to samo… ręce opadają czy wy nie umiecie uszanować czyjejś pracy ? autor dźwiękow ?… Zgody nie dawałem ale jak już użyłeś to napisz chociaż czyja to praca, czy to tak dużo ?

  9. No driver in the cabin? 😀 Really nice model anyway 🙂

  10. Oh guys,make somebody new t 2000 kenworth inside rework or new mod,its really cool truck,i was driving it even in the “haulin” those times,or make new “Cascadia” mod,not that old that is here,but something new,because even in ATS – no freightliners,this is sad thing,you doing volvo vnl,peterbilt 389,but these also cool trucks you forgot))

  11. Thanks Thanks!

  12. Known bugs:
    – Missing driver in the cabin
    – Turn lights are not working correctly – when the left is on (on the rear), the right is on in the front
    – It turns badly, even worse than trucks
    – On the hubcaps of wheels is Mercedes-Benz logo

    1. Oh and one more thing. When switching on the wipers, the water drops remain on the glass.

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