Volkswagen Crafter Extra Long

Volkswagen-Crafter-Extra-Long-1 Volkswagen-Crafter-Extra-Long-2 Volkswagen-Crafter-Extra-Long-3

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Author: DragonModz


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10 thoughts on “Volkswagen Crafter Extra Long

  1. I do not understand why publish something so unfinished…….and not edits…

  2. Michał Poraj

    PLZ DELETE THIS!!!!!!!!

  3. Michał Poraj

    It s lookin terrible

  4. Hi.Or we put the template we do? Sorry for my bad english

  5. solaris36

    You will think to ending a model someday?
    And correct the S_WHEEL[] locator place.
    It´s wrong on all your models.
    You must be a number one but….

  6. Official HD1080p video:

  7. Just a very quick review of this mod

  8. thanks for sharing Dragonmodz. always a privilege to use your mods

  9. Kristi Kurti

    Could you make a VW Touran version 2009

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