Volkswagen Delivery

Volkswagen-Delivery-1 Volkswagen-Delivery-2

Volkswagen Delivery Truck for patch 1.14.x
Find in Scania Dealership

Authors: Ubiratan Marçal‏, MoD JúNioR, CrysS


15 thoughts on “Volkswagen Delivery

  1. Wow…. Just, wow! Great Minecraft quality

    1. Take it easy on Minecraft now. Minecraft actually does have textures.

  2. In the YEAR 1997….. 128×128 texture

  3. Really “good”!

  4. What the f**k is this??
    My 3 year old could have done a better job……blindfolded.

  5. Ta lindo… só que não, guarda essas coisas pra vocês fica postando essas porcarias só pra passar vergonha…

    1. Na boa…

      Tá queimando o filme. Tá ficando complicado.

      A fama de brasileiro lá fora já não tá boa e ainda fazem isto.

  6. plastic truck lol gay

  7. WilliamHupsel

    Tá horrível. Apaga isso rapaz, melhor que ficar passando vergonha nos sites gringos.

    1. concordo. por favor…

      1. Let this “gringo” tell you that there’s no reason to feel embarrassed for this or any other mod. Though it is strange that almost each and every mod from Brazil is bad, only a simple minded person would think that actually has anything to do with Brazil itself. Just bad luck that with ETS Brazilian modders ain’t good, but for example, I don’t see any modders from my Serbia. Good or bad ones. So what…

  8. This is ###### truck

  9. video please

  10. Ja,ja,Volkswagen ))

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