Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI [1.35]

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1) Compatible With Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.35) Version.
2) Two Chassis Are Available. (Normal – Flattened)
3) Two Engine Sounds Are Available.
4) Two Motor Horsepower Is Available.
5) Two Engine Transmissions Are Available.
6) Two Interior Options Are Available. (Standard – Turbo)
7) Slot Plate Is Available.
8) Slot Profit (Lip) Options Are Available.
9) Slot Mirror Options Are Available.
10) Slot Glass Options Are Available.
11) Slot Spoiler Options Are Available.
12)Interior Mats With Slots Are Available.
13) Options For Slot Fish Backs Are Available.
14) Slot Exhaust Options Are Available.
15) Volkswagen Logo Options With Slot Are Available.
16) slot GTI Logo options are available.
17) Slot Front Lane Options Are Available.
18) There Are Ornamental Options With Slot Draw Rope.
19) Slot Wheels Are Available. (17 pieces))
20) There Are Seamless Animations.
21) You Can Use The Tool As Stock, Modified If You Want.

Animations Found In The Tool;

– Start, Stop Animation.
-Gear Animation
– Headlight Control Animation.
– Signal Arm Animation.
-Dial Greeting Animation.
– Gas, Brake Pedal Animation.
-Handbrake Animation.
– Wiper Animation.
– Warning Lights Animation On The Display.
– GMG Logo ornamental animation.
– Turbo Indicator Animation As An Extra.
– Sliding Signal Animation.
Compatible version:

Note: the vehicle exits the mod dealer.



1)Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.35) Versiyonu İle Uyumludur.
2)İki Adet Şasi Mevcuttur. (Normal – Basık)
3)İki Adet Motor Sesi Mevcuttur.
4)İki Adet Motor Beygiri Mevcuttur.
5)İki Adet Motor Şanzıman Mevcuttur.
6)İki Adet İnterior Seçenekleri Mevcuttur. (Standard – Turbo)
7)Slotlu Plaka Mevcuttur.
8)Slotlu Karlık (Lip) Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
9)Slotlu Ayna Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
10)Slotlu Cam Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
11)Slotlu Spoiler Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
12)Slotlu İç Paspas Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
13)Slotlu Balık Sırtı Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
14)Slotlu Egzoz Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
15)Slotlu Volkswagen Logo Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
16)Slotlu GTİ Logo Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
17)Slotlu Ön Şerit Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
18)Slotlu Çeki İpi Süs Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
19)Slotlu Tekerler Mevcuttur. (17 Adet)
20)Sorunsuz Animasyonlar Bulunmaktadır.
21)Aracı İsterseniz Stock, Modifiyeli Olarak Kullanabilirsiniz.

Araçta Bulunan Animasyonlar;

-Start, Stop Animasyonu.
-Vites Animasyonu
-Far Kontrol Animasyonu.
-Sinyal Kolu Animasyonu.
-Kadran Selamlama Animasyonu.
-Gaz, Fren Pedal Animasyonu.
-El Freni Animasyonu.
-Silecek Animasyonu.
-Göstergedeki İkaz Işıkları Animasyonu.
-GMG Logo Süs Animasyonu.
-Ekstra Olarak Turbo Gösterge Animasyonu.
-Kayar Sinyal Animasyonu.

Uyumlu sürüm:

Not: Araç mod bayisinde çıkmaktadır.

Harun Aras, Hüseyin Ülken, Berkay Pekesen, Metehan Bilal, Erdem Kuzey, Berat Afşin, Salahov


15 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI [1.35]

  1. Olle Päckos

    why dosent this work?

  2. damaged format.. please help me

    1. Use 7 Zip to convert it to a scs file. Then it’ll work. It’s not damaged. It’s in the same format as the base of the game on steam

  3. jayontheway228

    Great mod !! keep working !

  4. ???‍♂️?

    1. Hey Rock ! Try to make a mod, or shut your ####### big mouth, so big as your mom, and as a car could enter in, taking it as a tunnel.

  5. asdfsafd

    Harika mod tebrikler

  6. Lucasdriver70

    Well done! This mod is fantastic. Aside from the rear spoiler, I do not see any imperfections. The textures are excellent, the engines too, the choice of sound and engines is a very good point. I really like the many options offered for the hestétique of the car, still a very good point! Keep going !

  7. we need golf 4 r32:)

  8. Do you really have all those animations? One important thing for me, can this car get hooked on the minitrailer?

  9. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  10. Teria como otimizar o carro para rodar em PCs fracos?
    Pq no meu só trava o jogo 🙁

  11. Hi,

    Please do Aston Martin Rapide.

  12. Jayrem217

    The best car of game, really good job, thx 😀

  13. In wich dealership can I found this mode?

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