Volkswagen Golf 7 R Line

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Editing the tool is strictly prohibited
Breaking SCS and PMD is strictly prohibited

Vehicle features

Active animations
Metalic and normal color
HD Model
Ao Render
Real Engine sound

Things to know

The car comes out in every gallery.
It has been tested in version 1.31.x.

Full Convert : Berkay Pekesen
Anim : Emir Bardakçı (Trzpro)

Berkay Pekesen , Emir Bardakçı (Trzpro)


17 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf 7 R Line

  1. TareHDGames

    Please make vw golf 4 variant

  2. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here…. I’ve a Golf 7 and I can confirm which is very similar at yours, thanks for you amazing mod 😀

  3. Artur ETS2 ATS

    Привет пожалуйста скажи скоаком снимал видос на 1440 60 HD

  4. not fast

  5. Horrible plagiarism from Skoda number 10245 (same old ####. At least introduce some improvement or add something new: Onboard computer, animated gearbox, interior light…)

    1. Gearbox is animated in automatic. If you aren’t happy, try to make your mod and you will see this is complicated to make a mod. A contrario, you must be glad he done a mod, and you haven’t make once. Use your brain before talk.

      1. He just doesn’t realize that these mods are for free, If a mod is free, you shouldn’t be even allowed to complain if it’s bad, and this mod is good.

  6. charlesbcv

    like the car,how it looks is how it looks is realistic and the sound aswell but mine on my game the car the reff counter moves upwards if it idles but when i try to drive the counter goes downwards..

  7. where to buy the car (what dealer)

  8. where to buy the car? (what dealer)

  9. Pls make a Peugeot 307/Peugeot 308 2012 or Citroen Xsara Picasso

  10. I don’t have wheels? What I can do?

  11. ######, put the R badges on wings and change the speedometer the R has blue speedometer not red and put the R badge on steering

  12. Bodyguardxp

    ETS 2 – Volkswagen GOLF 7 RLine ?[1.31]

  13. where can i find the volkswagen golf r line

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