Volkswagen Golf V 1.31

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1 cabin 2 chases 2 motors 1 gearbox 1 interior 3 spoilers 4 rims 3 rear bumpers 4 side skirts 4 front bumpers New sounds New physics

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12 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf V 1.31

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.31…

  2. RiflerGamer

    Test video:

  3. FoxOnTheBox

    HD Video tested on 1.31 –

  4. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.31..

  5. Bhagwant123

    Please make it ets2 v.

  6. Same car repeated. The other cars with some changes in textures and little else. Ets 2 needs good car mods. That enriches the simulator. What we don’t need is the same mod copied a million times. Please make cars that contribute something, correct the errors, add new features. Stop showing again and again the same thing. Make a mod that we can download and enjoy.

    1. enjoy a car on a truck simulator????….
      go play need for speed or something similar….

  7. My game crash

  8. panescu Mario

    about the interior window is black..wil be rezolve this in the future ?

  9. کیوان

    Mostly, the resolution and inside pictures of mod cars are not that good, they seem like painting , not realistic . I hope that becomes better and mod makers pay attention to the quality, and also we see no bugs, and of course I thank them.

  10. Cood

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