Volkswagen Meteor

Volkswagen Meteor
Chassis: 6×2 e 6×4
Engine: D2676 460 HP e D2676 520 HP
Transmissions: ZF 12 Traxon 2610, ZF 12 Traxon 2620 and ZF 16 Traxon 2640

Compatible with version 1.38x
Standalone, available at the mod dealer
Modified sound

Skin Edit:

Cristhian Cardoso and SCS Software (MAN TGX Euro 6 base, with only a few models)

DOWNLOAD 19 MB [mirror]

21 thoughts on “Volkswagen Meteor

  1. but come on … please STOP with this ######!
    this truck is a MAN TGX with the inscription wolksvagen!

    1. thoren666

      because thats what the meteor basically is.

    2. yea u know its like that irl

  2. It looks like a MAN

    1. Sam Taylor

      it is lol

    2. That’s because it *IS* a MAN – VW has rebadged the MAN for the Brazilian market, apparently.

      1. look take it from a truck driver who drove the ERF which was modeled on the MAN so this VW truck could be using the MAN cab ect you will find a lot of trucks companys use cabs ect from other trucks

  3. Muito bom! Parabéns!

  4. sim mas o jogo carcha quando vamos colocar os assessórios não é a toa que a foto esta sem assessórios

  5. de facto esta muito aparecido com o MAN mas na realidade ele é assim mesmo agora o interior sim é do MAN mas

  6. me desculpa em relação ao jogo cachar mas descobri pela primeira vez um mode de camião não compatível com o brutalweder este pois o meu jogo cachava e quando tirei o brutalweder não tem problema mas o mode é muito bom só precisa de melhoramentos

  7. ben brown

    why do we even need this? its just a man tgx with a vw badge

    1. This truck exist, so why not, people create worse mods.

  8. Truckercharly

    It is correct. It is a MAN with VW logo. Here to see in original:

  9. Nope its VW truck with MAN technology… Just read some news

    1. Truckercharly

      Thats the same in green.

  10. Copery Verdelimon C.T.V.L.R

    VIDEO TEST ETS2 MODS 2020 – Copery TV [GreenLime]

  11. Can you make please a Rolls Royce Phantom , Cullinan , Ghost , Wraith , Dawn , Black Badge ?

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