Volkswagen Passat B6 v 0.1 BETA

Volkswagen-Passat-B6-1 Volkswagen-Passat-B6-2 Volkswagen-Passat-B6-3

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– Interior
– Accessories DLC
– Template

Author: DragonModz


43 thoughts on “Volkswagen Passat B6 v 0.1 BETA

  1. ets2modtester

    woow! dude your awesome to make mods! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK! :DDDDDDDDDD

  2. John Cena

    Please create Volvo S60 and Audi S8

  3. iiPrazzerii

    can you make the Variant version

    1. LeVieuxAreStrange

      I totally agree!

  4. John Cena

    Please crate Volvo S60 or/and Audi S8

  5. You should change your name “DragonModz” to “BetaModz” xDA

  6. Super Ci wyszło Krzysiek 😀
    Rozwijaj go bo warto :DDD

  7. Scooby123

    Awesome! 😀 Can you make a Iveco Daily 2005 or Fiat Ducato 2006?

  8. uvazhayemyy avtor etogo moda ne mogli by vy napisat’ mne v ls u menya dlya vas yest’ kommercheskoye predlozheniye

  9. Scooby123

    Or Volvo v40 2003… 😀

  10. Gameguy 2

    can you make volvo s60 2015? it will be really nice mod

  11. AmericanStar

    Could you please make Mercedes W124 or W116?

  12. LeVieuxAreStrange

    Please make the variant version, amazing work, indeed.

  13. ProMessiPL


    1. DragonModz

      The same one as Audi A4 and its same position so u cannot use those two at once

  14. Вы сделали бы место этих леговушек Gazel Next

  15. Can you make a dodge charger from 1970

  16. Adrian G.

    Excellent work, the only suggestion would be to find the original stock engine sound for VW Passat like the real thing.

    One of the most crafted mods ever seen and keep up the good work for years to come.

  17. the only suggestion i give to the creator is make it so you can have both the audi and the volkswagen together so they both work.

  18. I would have liked to do more car Volvo S40 or S60

  19. Nice car, but please fix rear lights

  20. Stop making Beta and Beta and other Beta …

    Released a final model once and attack model after another , instead of going out 3-4 Beta car

    1. Faelandaea

      Someone apparently knows nothing about beta tests. most products I know of go through multiple betas before being considered final. You must play some seriously #### games if you think something has to be limited to a single beta before being called done.

  21. Blaziken777Sverige

    Nice! 🙂
    BTW It would be nice if you could do some Volvos!

  22. Author I have a BMW E39, the time that it would finish I have not. If you want to finish it then write to the post office:[email protected] or [email protected].
    I almost forgot, there is room in the BMW, but it also needs to be expanded

    1. Can I test it please its nice mod

  23. Looks good and works fine, but, has the same problems of the audi, the speedometer or any of the same things arent on the correct place.

    1. asiangeek

      For the VW is the floor of the car blue for you?

  24. Kristi Kurti

    Can you make the Volkswagen Touran 2009?

  25. the_Driver

    VIDEO Volkswagen Passat B6


  26. Comment trouver le sprinter

  27. asiangeek

    This thing as awesome!! So is the A4 you done but one thing and I hope you’ll reply about this issue. A problem I have is that the needles for the speed and rpm are aligned, please fix this soon! If you could do another mod I’d really want you do create either the Audi A7, 2013 Mercedes GL, or 2016 Volvo XC90. Thanks and I hope to hear a reply from the author!

  28. the mod is great but please do something about the speedometer


  29. Amazing work mate! Keep it up! Waiting for more updates (like new sound, bigger maximum speed, and also fixed issues with the speedometer)

  30. Adrian G.

    Hi, Dragonmodz, unfortunatelly your car mod does not work with Promods map so well, it crashes when I go to a Mercedes Benz retailer or it does not open at all as a car in other retailers, maybe Promods the latest version just doesn’t cut it or maybe needs more adjusting, I still continue to be impressed by your fine work. Keep it up some more. Waiting for the final version of Passat as well.

  31. mola+mucha

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