Volkswagen Polo R-Line 2019 V1R10 (1.35)

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*Updated for 1.35
*Fixed crash due to dashboard

trzpro, yellow1441


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23 thoughts on “Volkswagen Polo R-Line 2019 V1R10 (1.35)

  1. vroom, vroom, again a Skoda Volkswagen. LOL

    1. AzoraxModdingGaming

      vroom vroom let people enjoy their game and stop complaining about other people’s mods

      1. gokhan keser TÜRKİYE

        empty buddy of brain

        1. Beyinsiz eşek sürücüsü

        2. AzoraxModdingGaming

          “empty buddy of brain” – that is not an English sentence please try to make sense when you comment

          1. hansetrans

            The silliest guy commenting here for years – hahahahhahah

          2. AzoraxModdingGaming

            JoachimK is the silliest guy m8

      2. You are who to blaming a Community, which was good before you all coming up with your “SKODA-Mods” ???
        You play the Lawyer of this Invasion of “Cars” ?

        I thought before, that you was enough intelligent to understand the Critic, but, sorry, it was a Error.

        Make your own Site for Cars and you will find no more too much critical Voices overall.

        To you, Azorax, have a nice Weekend.

        1. RebelCopyrights

          You can´t just kick some modders from this page!
          You are not the owner of this community! Please RESPECT other modders instead of making some ###### comments! Instead of that make sure you read all of this:
          1. No insulting messages aimed at other comments or authors.
          2. No swearing. If you’re angry of something – ignore it or contact with ETS2.LT team.
          3. Respect mod authors and users.
          4. No discussions of software, game piracy, illegal materials, cd-key’s, serial codes etc.
          5. Do not post vulgar or offensive content.
          6. Do not post advertises.
          7. Do not comment with ALL CAPS.
          8. Do not post off topic.
          We highly recommend to use only English language.

          Now this is when you realize that you could be banned(send away) from this community because you dont respect these!

          1. RebelCopyrights , who you are, that you try to learn me Things, I know since more than 15 Years Websites in 2 Community´s.
            RebelCopyrights , which Age you have?
            RebelCopyrights , you’re an Admin here?

            When we come here, all big Modders are still here. Now one after the other goes away here. And I understand them.
            I’m not Racist, nothing. We have here 4 Turkish Families in Friendship in our Neighborhood. And tonight we have a big Party for the End of the Ramadan and for my Birthday today.

            RebelCopyrights, you understand the Rage of a Lot of Members here?
            RebelCopyrights , what you will from me? I’m not alone here with difficult Posts !
            And what you know about the Rights on the Internet?
            It’s not a lawless room !

            This Site was the last, where we upload our Mods. And now we will follow other Modders.
            We are very disappointed with the development here. Everything was better when we arrived. But that is unfortunately already some years ago.
            No matter what is written, it is enough for us.

            Keep it up this way…
            “The pitcher goes to the well until it breaks.”

        2. AzoraxModdingGaming

          my cars are not “skoda” edits if you checked all my cars work all together on one profile

        3. AzoraxModdingGaming

          there is a difference between critiques and pure hatred, critiques are creative, pure hatred is just useless comments like yours

          1. gokhan keser TÜRKİYE

            this is a truck simulator. It has nothing to do with the car, and even the physics doesn’t fit why you’re still going on.

          2. AzoraxModdingGaming

            Gokhan, and how are cars affecting your game when people use them in single player? Oh wait they don’t everyone has a right to mod their game how they like as they baught it

  2. Please don’t set real engine sound in it, just use the skoda sound. The skoda engine sound sounds more realistic.

  3. Quand j’ai mis le mod dans le dossier des mods sur ets2 et je lai activer je ne sais pas ou trouver la voiture besoin d’aide svp

  4. When I put the mod in the mods folder on ets2 and I activate it I do not know or find the car need help please

  5. the girl JoachimK

    JoachimK <<<#### your life because you are pending to who uploads a mod? tell me so you only feel in this life? misbegotten we are not to blame that you are a girl like that … leave and leave the pc and the straw because you would die with that life! erase from here nobody wants you woman

    1. REPORTED !!!

      1. hansetrans

        i reported u because u are the silliest guy on earth!

  6. S.h.i.t Car mod!! ?

  7. Abdul Rehman

    Hi, Will you please make a mod of toyota land cruiser for ets2 version 1.34 or 1.35

  8. A mod for SEAT IBIZA 2017 plz

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