Volkswagen Scirocco V1R20 (1.36)

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Updated for 1.36
Improved driveability

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7 thoughts on “Volkswagen Scirocco V1R20 (1.36)

  1. davidooowsky

    Hey man could you tell me why when I driving more than 180km/h suddenly my car loses control and I cant do anything
    Tell me fast im so interesting about that

    1. Eray Emin Çetin

      It’s because the game is for trucks and over 150km you will have some stability problems. Try not the drive that fast or play forza horizon 4

      1. thats not quite true. im having no issues with my 2016 r scania with the 2009 scania r730 6 speed euro 6 man tgx transmission at 180kmh+ (which is totally possible with this combination).

    2. I have that problem to when my mod car is too light.
      i encountered some mods where cars are heavier that others.
      So when i do like 150 i have no problem at all. Won’t fly, won’t spin on the road, won’t do the barrel roll. no problem at all.
      Try the ,Packard Eight 1948, .

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.36….

  3. Can you do a mod with Dacia Lodgy?

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