Volswogen Golf VI 1.44

The vehicle is as shown.
Everything Works Active

Faruk Aygun


4 thoughts on “Volswogen Golf VI 1.44

  1. The mod is not working,when i put the car in ets2 mods and activate and go in game the car is black and it didnt have any texture how to fix ?
    my ets2 version is updated to the newest

    1. That happend on my old laptop all the car mods were black and you could not customize it im pretty sure there is no fix

  2. kak prghtiie

  3. valla mierda de mod dedicate al parchis de todos los mods que hay este es el peo 600CV pone y madre mia de 150 no pasa esa mierda ademas lleva el salpicadero de un polo asco de mod no lo descargueis

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