Volvo 2009 Classic [ohaha] v17.10


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Volvo FH Classic by ohaha v17.10
Custom interior dedicated for the Volvo FH Classic standalone mod.
Rework of the vanilla Volvo FH Classic.
– various accessories added, including sideskirts, rear wheel fenders, custom rear bumpers, roof grills, several versions of engine hood, aero kits, cabin back lights, cabin spoilers, custom headlights in chrome and black, with DRL’s and Angel Eyes, custom high pipes exhaust etc..
– several new paint jobs (there is an additional mod which enables the DLC skins)
This truck is standalone – takes on a slot in Volvo dealers.
For Cabin accessories you need the custom interior and the additional dedicated mod – also in Workshop.
test on v1.26
Author: ohaha, SCS

ohaha, SCS Software


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17 thoughts on “Volvo 2009 Classic [ohaha] v17.10


    Thank you so much for this mod friend!! The perfect mod to combine FH13 and FH16. Mod works 100% for me on no problems. This is what SCS should have included in the standard game. Not much difference between FH13 and FH16.

    Only very small thing missed is the FH16 badge/logo on the dashboard at the speedometer should be removed in the Standard interior. Only include in Exclusive interior.

    Great mod!

    1. FRANK_WOT

      I would also like to have the original D13A engines for this truck, 440, 460, 480, 520hp. I can configure the engines but we’ll need a good sound for it.

  2. CyrusTheVirus

    Mod boring and without news, is the same that the previous version but adapted for the new version of ETS2

    OHAHA when will you recognize that you do not know how to do mods? Your two Volvo mods are always the same without any added news

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      This user is fake. I don’t wrote anything about this.

  3. The best truck.Perfect mod!!!

  4. HD Video Test 1.26…

  5. MARIO1973

    The best Volvos are those of ohaha without a doubt. If there is no change in the trucks will be because they do not need them.
    Because to change something that is already well.
    Thanks for your work and effort, I only have 2 Volvos, because I prefer Scania, but they are always yours

  6. I have an issue with this mod, and would appreciate anyone who knows how to fix it: in the tandem chassis the cargo does not appear = it is invisible! This only happens with the classic 09 version and not with the 2012 tandem fh- what can I do?
    I love this mod and it is one of my favorite MUST have trucks.
    Thanks Ohaha

    1. Hello, Maestro,
      do you have the Tandem-Mod from FlemmingV ?

      You can find the Original here:

  7. Hey Cyrus, don`t worry about the fake user- it`s probably a virus…LOL

    1. FRANK_WOT

      LOL. +1

    2. CyrusTheVirus

      Your ####### mother is a virus

  8. Thanks for the reply JoachimK, but unfortunately I don`t use FlemingV mod because it turns All my trailers into tandems. And, moreover, I don`t have the same problem with Ohaha`s 2012 Volvo, only with the 2009 Classic.
    Thanks anyway

  9. Can’t download, please relink
    Thanks ohaha

  10. For+almost+five+years+SCS+on+their+trucks+volvo+2009+and+volvo2012+not+set+up+the+factory+side+skirts,+and+I+have+not+seen+any+your+comment+about+this+CyrusVirus,+but+I+noticed+that+the+only+good+mode+criticize+and+bad+going+around.+In+addition,+any+discussion+or+objection+to+your+account+follow+with+curses.+I+think+that+there+is+a+virus,+but+the+virus+lower+values,+which+you+have+to+code+yourself+heal.+As+for+me,+the+two+best+modes+which+are+not+SCS+creation,+are+Ohaha+classic+Volvo+and+Volvo+2013.

  11. For almost five years SCS on their trucks volvo 2009 and volvo2012 not set up the factory side skirts, and I have not seen any your comment about this CyrusVirus, but I noticed that the only good mode criticize and bad going around. In addition, any discussion or objection to your account follow with curses. I think that there is a virus, but the virus lower values, which you have to code yourself heal. As for me, the two best modes which are not SCS creation, are Ohaha classic Volvo and Volvo 2013.
    Thank Ohaha for two beautiful mods.

  12. How terracing

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