Volvo 8×4 chassis


Author: GhostTruck


25 Responses to Volvo 8×4 chassis

  1. tiger678 says:

    Does not work! game crashes! 1.2.5 version

  2. Emil M says:

    Same for me version

  3. nielsen says:

    this mod is not here legal this belongs to ghosttruck and is only posted on hes website admin please remove this from the download site

    • admin says:

      You not this mod author. When Ghosttruck write to me, I will delete this mod.

      • Wastlandboy says:

        I wrote a mesage to ghosttruck …
        in The Forum where Ghosttruck upload his mods it sasy: “Diese Mod ist nur hier verfügbar.
        Eine manipulation der Mod sowie weiterverbreitung über andere Hoster oder Foren ist ohne meine zustimmung nicht erlaubt und führt zu Konsequenzen.

        These Mod is available only here.
        A manipulation of the Mod as well as wide spreading about other Hoster or forums is not permitted without my approval and leads to consequences.”

  4. Mehh says:

    What is his website?

  5. Viper says:

    Guys i removed all other mods and this1 work really great. COngratz for the great work!

  6. Viper says:

    Look here without any other mode.

  7. chester says:

    it work for me v1.2.5.1… i just remove the real logo of volvo… and i have also MB Actros 8×4 from ghosttruck from his website and works perfectly without the real logo of MB Actros… i waiting if some who can make MAN TGX 8X4… i’m gladly appreciate it, if you post it here in…

  8. nailz says:

    defo crashes the game, it seems like the same crash when you try to load a truck dependent on missing mods, wheels, lights etc.

  9. ELRIC says:

    yet another fail,

  10. Emil M says:

    Yet it works for me.

  11. viper21 says:

    Does not work??? game crashes???? no, it works with version and TSM Map 1.5 , really works fine. so???

  12. martin says:

    Game crashes for me to 🙁

  13. can some one help me with this chassi it doesnt work >_<

  14. Mod-Loller says:

    nice mod, works fine

  15. snappa says:

    this truck looks more like a tri axel gone wrong than a 8×4

  16. Markus Srihardi says:

    The mod is conflict with zzzTC mega mod v.7.5.1, real logo mod,and map mod, if you discard those mod the 8×4 volvo can run smoothly, but it’s still have problems with the rear wheels lod, it’s floating in the air..

  17. Bart says:

    If you don’t want anything to be spread across the internet, don’t put in on there! Not even on a “closed” forum.

    And it surely is’nt illegal to put it on here.

    I hope TC and Ghosttruck now get that acting as a pair of douchebagsdoes not work and share their mods with everyone.

  18. Mak-Kyver says:

    or will they continue mod work….if people use it wrong?!?!?

  19. david says:

    this is a good mod for eurotruck 2

  20. david says:

    this is a good mod

  21. fisal bassam says:


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