Volvo 9400 Updated For 1.36 & 1.37

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This is Volvo 9400 Updated Version. It is a right hand (UK) bus mod. In this update, there are a lot of changes like sounds, interiors, steerings, suspensions etc. Now the sound of this mod is fully realistic sound. There are two new interior added in this mod which gives orginal look & feel of volvo. There are also added a new orginal steering & looking glass

Dealer: Volvo

Works on 1.35 ,1.36, 1.37

Supported DX9 & DX11

There are a showcase video of this bus. You can see the details about this bus.

DBMX & Fahim auvro


5 thoughts on “Volvo 9400 Updated For 1.36 & 1.37

  1. Do the mod work on any map?

  2. simar singh

    bus chassi hits with the road resulting in damaging the bus. Please fix this issue.

  3. M.shiva sai

    it doesnt even gets downloaded , worst site

  4. The game crash by use this bad, bad mod

  5. The game crash by use this bad mod

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