Volvo 9700 bus mod (Indian Skins)


This is a mod of Volvo 9700 with skins of famous Indian bus operators which include –
Konduskar , VRL , SRS, Kesineni, KSRTC, MSRTC, KPN, RSRTC and many more!

Tested on version – 1.15.1 and 1.16.2

Bus Modders India United


77 Responses to Volvo 9700 bus mod (Indian Skins)

  1. Bharat Raj says:

    Hi i am an moder and an Indian too guess you can contact me on [email protected] for future projects where I may be in assistance

  2. thank you now this is real….indian…shivnari and neeta is also famous…..

    • Bus Modders India United says:

      We have included Neeta and Shinveri Volvos as well in our extra skins!

  3. Bharat Raj says:

    I just been through this mod and checked each and every skin now here is my doubt why there is an mexican board on india bus and what made the modder think that will VRL and SRS ever join together when they are the biggest rivals in the Bangalore Jodhpur route and when did gey hound came to india and some other skins are also not as realistic as the original bus,
    As this is the first indian mod and the team has done excellent work.

  4. BMIU says:

    @bharat i just hope you liked the mods…. will come up with more mods after a few days

    Cheers,Team BMUI

    • Bharat Raj says:

      Hi I am happy to announce that soon (in a week) i will be uploading two mods one is indian companies traffic trailers and painted trucks traffic pack. working on this from a long time still some testing needed then it will be online. and dear BMIU i have been trough you extra skin pack the designs are good but one trouble that we have to edit the mod and replace some files to use those extra skin.

  5. ForAllTheBilly says:

    Crash in 1.16

    • Rishabh BMIU says:

      It works absolutely fine in 1.16 , just that the 4×2 Select version of the bus doesn’t work properly

      • shanmugaraj says:

        i got the mod and extracted it…..i shows me an scs file and extra skins in rar file………what should i do nxt??????wer do i find all the skins.

        • Floris says:

          That .rar file is the ‘extra skins’ mod. Just put it in your mod folder and select it in the game and you will be fine.

          Originally it was a .scs file, they just changed it to .rar so it’s easier to edit.

          • SHREEDHAR says:

            Hi, I have extacted the scs file and the zip to mod folder. Now what should I do to get this bus? Please reply

  6. ram says:

    Please help me how to enable this mod and play the bus

  7. hope some one comes with indian map with traffic added from 18 wheels of extreme trucking 2[ it has indian trucks]…and some indian content..

    • Rishabh BMIU says:

      basically… there has been problems with the mod from the beginning itself.
      We at BMIU with the help of a few are trying to rectify these problems/crashes.
      And about the Skin Changing you shall get a mail from one of the BMIU members about a step by step process of changing it.
      hope you liked our mod! Support us so that we keep making all the buses in India šŸ˜€

      BMIU Team

      • Shreedhar says:

        please help me about getting other skins. PLEASE MAIL ME THE STEP HOW TO GET IT
        my email id is [email protected]

  8. lee morley says:

    would someone be able to make a sound mod for this? a bus sound instead of volvo sound

  9. Artek210 says:

    Hi, how to download from this server, please check this link as Kamaz 5490 + Interior in advance thanks

  10. shanmugaraj says:

    plz tell me the procedure after downloading the file……from extraction till wer i find the skin????

  11. shanmugaraj says:

    plz tell me d wat to do after downloading the indian skins for volvo 9700…….full procedure

  12. shanmugaraj says:

    plz tell me d wat to do after downloading the indian skins for volvo 9700…….full procedure plz

  13. shanmugaraj says:

    im having volvo 9700…….i have downloaded indian skins.but it shows me only one skin kondnskar skin….wer to get all other skins.plz tell me the procedure every step…….after downloading the [email protected]

    • first after downloading u see 2 files
      1—> volvo kondnskar…paste this file in mod folder thats the bus
      2—> second file is a zip..paste the whole zip file in mod folder and activate it.

      • shanmugaraj says:

        i have done it still i dont get all other skins….where to check for other skins?????

  14. Rishabh BMIU says:

    Everyone who is having troubles or wants some help regarding the mod, please give your email Ids, we will guide you through the procedure.

    Team BMIU

  15. shanmugaraj says:

    i need volvo 9700 template as i need to put it in truck database in ets 2 studio………..if any one have it plz send it to the following email id: [email protected]

  16. Goutham Sudalagunta says:

    Hey Hi, We are a group of modders who are working on Indian Routes and Indian Mods and Skins. Can u contact me on [email protected] or . We guys can work together for upcoming and ongoing projects .

    • jebin says:

      guys pls helpā€¦ i downloaded this game fr playin with bus modā€¦.nw i dwnloaded version 1.16.2 and i tried this mod still i cant play with busā€¦.
      whether i need complete level or its not workin?????? pls helpā€¦

  17. Vishal says:

    it shows only konduskar skin… i couldn’t find others plz help me how to get all skins

  18. Swithin says:

    @BMIU Plz make bus mod with open/close doors.,

  19. feroz says:

    pl other skin how download?all skin nice…bu not installed

  20. suraj says:

    hello am suraj from kerala…the game which i have works only for a day..can you sent me the link to get the full version game in which these mods work, and my suggestion we have KALLADA TRAVELS wchich is a main group in kerala,how about adding that..??????

  21. vinit says:

    how do i install mods with dds files i downloaded the volvo 9700 with indian skins and i extracted them in the mod folder and when i opened the game it did not appeared only the konduskar and shivneri skin is there where are the other skins can anyone help me

  22. ketan says:

    when i opened in game only konduskar and shivneri skins appeared…plz hlp me how can open others skin

  23. lennonsgoa111noronha says:

    hi Bhai logoo! keshe ho did this mod crashed on anybody’s game?

  24. tamil says:

    I downloaded the skins pack but after activation I found only konduskar and shivneri and msrtc skin what to do and where to find the other skins

  25. pavan says:

    I am not able to take the cargo and passengers. Can I get any solution?

  26. Mukesh says:

    procedure pls ??

  27. VINAYAK says:

    I downloaded and do all the copied the zip file and the .scs file to mod but only konduskar and shiveni skins are available. Can you please guide me through the procedure

    EMAIL- [email protected]

  28. shaiju says:

    I am getting only the konduskar skin and not the others. I have pasted the both files that is a scs file and zip file in mod folder and activated them in the game. Still I am not getting other skins

  29. Krishan Kant says:

    I downloaded and do all the copied the zip file and the .scs file to mod but ets2 crashes everytime. Can you please guide me through the procedure

    Thanks in advance

    My Email : [email protected]

  30. Sumit says:

    Hey, will you please make this mod work for 1.18.1 version. Its crashing when
    i start the game with mod enabled.

  31. kumar says:

    Hi Friends Please send me the procedure @ [email protected]

  32. Alagesh says:

    I downloaded and do all the copied the zip file and the .scs file to mod ….
    How to buy a bus??

  33. vinay says:

    hi my game is crashing for this mod I have done last update like 1.18.1 how can I get this Volvo bus and where to buy it

  34. venkatesh says:

    hi iam having a horn in mp3 file how to make that in scs file please help me…..

  35. Guru says:

    I am now ets 1.16…
    but the mod not working in my game….
    mod procedure sollunga pa….

    • SUABSH says:

      hello… r u tamil? me too..

      i cant get extra skins.. do u??

  36. Prabhanjan says:

    Hi guys thanks for this skins Can you guys please make an Indian flag HD skin for all trucks .
    Thanks in Advance

  37. Chidambar says:

    Can You make Indian flag design for trucks

  38. Tushar says:

    Is there any way by which I can get the right-hand drive interior too? I see only the left-hand drive (European style, not UK) option while buying/repairing the bus.

  39. raghav says:


  40. ssr sankar says:


  41. Chetan says:

    This mode is great ????driving bus is made much more is easier just one problem is there the bus cannot cross the toll gate please please please please please fixed it it puts the restrictions while roaming

  42. rohit says:

    please made mod for lattest version 1.31.x

  43. pavankumar says:

    Pls tell me how to download this mod v 115.1

  44. ranjithkumar says:


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