Volvo 9700 Grand L/S 6×2 and 4×2

Volvo-9700-1 Volvo-9700-2 Volvo-9700-3

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Volvo 9700 Grand 2014 in versions “L” and “S” in chassis 6×2 and 4×2

Authors: MAGO, GOOSE, Jaiba Loca HDP


11 thoughts on “Volvo 9700 Grand L/S 6×2 and 4×2

  1. thanks for your mod
    can you tell me your graphic mod and give me its link

  2. @dr_jaymz

    very nice outside model, very good handling, the interior looks not finished, not sound like a bus, too much glare inside the cabin. thanks!

  3. ForAllTheBilly

    Dealer is Volvo ?

  4. rockchevelle

    muy bueno tu camion amigo, el unico detalle es que todavia tiene 12 cambios y un bus no tiene 12 =p te puedo ayudar en eso si gustas, saludos desde el estado de mexico =)

  5. This mod is a JOKE! Get it off before it will break your save files! CAUTION! DO not download – full of errors and bugs – as usual unfinished work – Don’t even try, I got it and even after I deleted the mod, all of the saves where corupted by it. Its my warning to you! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

    1. ummm…mine’s works properly

  6. It’s OK for me .dude pls give me a link for the graphics it looks awesome pls give me a link

  7. This bus work not in version 1.21

  8. reallifecoachdriver

    i have got this visit dealership then my game crashes.

  9. does+this+work+on+1.27

  10. wildcat gaming extreme

    game crashes in v1.30
    pls halp!

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