Volvo 9700 Right Hand

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Supported version – 1.31.x.x to 1.35.x.x
Game Version: 1.31
Dealer: MAN (LOL)
How to activate:
Mod Serial:

1.Volvo 9700 Alpha 1/2/3/4/5/6
2.Volvo 9700 edit
3.Volvo 9700 def
4.Volvo 9700 base

Change log :
1. Realistic sound Added
2. Suspension made realistic
3. Right Hand Interior
4. Bangladeshi Skin

Author : DBMX, Edited by Sultan Mahmud.


6 thoughts on “Volvo 9700 Right Hand

  1. AzoraxModdingGaming

    game crash load order like in description

    1. trinaulka

      Check it on mod access. Or MAN 03

    2. ben david brown

      same happens to me

  2. ben david brown

    not working

    1. trinaulka

      Only use these mod
      1. DEF
      2. BASE

  3. Samurai Z

    still crash even with only DEF and BASE.

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