Volvo B12B TX + Passenger Mods | Template

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Mod Tested On 1.30.X

without log and full AO Texture

option :
– interior
– Skin
– tuning part
– sound
– Reality Suspension
– City horn and Road Horn

this Bus Best Bus Mod Forever !
with passenger Mod and template

creadit mod : Mahyar ghasemi
Edit Mod : Jouan Ma3

mahyar ghasemi , Jouan Ma3

DOWNLOAD 80 MB [mirror]

9 Responses to Volvo B12B TX + Passenger Mods | Template

  1. Putin says:

    There are no Passengers!

  2. RiflerGamer says:

    Test video:

  3. ALİ CEM says:

    does passenger mode work?

  4. MAX3661 says:

    Full hd test :-

  5. peperebvs says:

    lien mort

  6. lzm says:


  7. lzm says:


  8. Pratham Narkar says:

    File not found problem download

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