Volvo B12B TX + Passengers Mod

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Standalone, Find in Volvo Dealer
HQ Model
AO Texture
Passenger Mod
5 Colored Skins
Bus Physics
A lot of Options And Addons
Interior Accessory DLC Ready!
No FPS Drop
Tr Plate Number
Tr companies skinleri
And More…

Changes: fixed error and fixed registration
The archive also has the mod on the passengers and Template:)

Clear log, version 1.26

Ventures, Mahyar.Gh – SHOOFER – Nice2000 – RezaHNA – GHOST GT – ariaei group pc, minor fixes – Phantom94


17 thoughts on “Volvo B12B TX + Passengers Mod

  1. Emir Efe Erez

    yolcu modunu çalıştıramadım aktif ettim ama oyunda gözükmüyor?

  2. Knutingeeide

    Is it wc on the bus?

  3. mükremin citir

    alternatif link gencolar, cuggulunuzu yerim…

    alternate link:

  4. mükremin citir

    amg tüm linkler cortlamıs, ama kardesiniz durmuyor buluyorda buluyor. hadi oynayın bakim…

    alternate 2 link:

  5. jorgent97

    hd test 1.27

  6. My+ets2+v1.26+and+level+76+but+Volvo+B12B+passenger+not+working+why+tell+me+answer

  7. Please tell me the answer

  8. ludovic malandain

    Bonsoir est ce que le bus volvo b12 sera mis à jour pour la version 1.27 d ets 2 ainsi que les passagers merci

  9. Vtelrunya

    Why set bus to apear at level 27, I am playing non cheat profile and cant get it for a while.

  10. MY passenger mod is not working it it shows it self in about menu in trailers

    when i search in freight market it’s not there

    please help

    reply on [email protected]

  11. This bus is the best bus mod of all time !!!!!!!!! This is still compatible with the new 1.27 version of ets 2 … Thnx man for your effort…
    Here is the review:

  12. So I have a bus, and I have activated the passenger mod. How do I get passengers?

  13. the mod not working

  14. 容翊倫


  15. i cannot find the bus in any of the volvo bus dealers , plz help me out , i have the version lower than the one shown in above videos. ASAP

  16. Mihir Nasit


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