Volvo Cargo trailer skin


this mod is test only v
Enjoy 🙂

Author: Mihai


5 Responses to Volvo Cargo trailer skin

  1. TimSeerdenCreations says:

    Hey, sorry but this are the baddest mod i ever seen! You placed a low-quality photo on the trailer! Please, create a GOOD mod, not a mod you maked in 30 seconds!

    • Mihai says:

      I am sorry 🙁 with this comment i will be more carefull , and i will make quality mods 🙂

  2. Dan Nepi says:

    OMG!! Stop making brutally ugly skins like the last wave of stupid skins for volvo. Stop making skins and just play, and please moderators, dont put shits like these for download…

  3. Parsa says:

    1. Very Bad.
    2. Has Symmetric problem

  4. ozan says:

    looks like my ###.

    sikeyim bune lan götüm gibi olmuş malmısınız amına koyim

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