Volvo Danish Showtruck v 1.1

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Volvo Danish Showtruck Tuning

New in 1.1 version:
– Alcoa Wheels with Michelin added HD Texture
– Adapted Roofgrill and Bottom Grill
– Page Fairing Point added
– Flash lights added

Authors: Moders Team Poland, AU44, Basti73, Kielu, EdekLS, InterTIR32, Konradoss16, TheMrKarolus, Gracek23, Ghost, Kru129, scenerio, Kuba141, Skiba, showman, dbülow, Dennis Bülow Pedersen, Punisher, The Punisher 3D Productions, Geoffroy, Peerke145, By Manu.Be98


15 Responses to Volvo Danish Showtruck v 1.1

  1. By Manu.Be98 says:

    Here it is,
    The Danish Volvo Truck Show V1.1 which I promised on my Facebook page from 200 Likes. ‘ve Assembled only the Tuningmod with the Danish Volvo Truck Show.

    Alcoa Wheels with Michelin added HD Texture of me (By Manu.Be98)
    Adapted Roofgrill and Bottom Grill from 50k Scania R2008 at Volvo
    Page Fairing Point added (Please complete then you can select below phosphor plates or exhausts make out!)
    Flash lights by BigT added.
    Price: 1 € Starting Level: 0

    V1.0: Moders Team Poland AU44 Basti73 Kielu EdekLS InterTIR32 Konradoss16 TheMrKarolus Gracek23 Ghost Kru129 scenerio Kuba141 Skiba showman dbülow / Dennis Bülow Pedersen Punisher / The Punisher 3D Productions Geoffroy Peerke145 / Peer’s 3D works By Manu.Be98 / By Manu.Be98 Ventyres / Ventyres Production
    V1.1: 50k / 50kedaBigT

    All rights reserved 13/8/2014

    !!!For Patch V1.11.1!!!

    Support me by a Like on my Facebook page:

  2. By Manu.Be98 says:

    50k/50keda and BigT is missing in the Credtis!!!!!

  3. Karina says:

    Thanks. Very nice whell Michelin !

  4. Leon says:

    Could you make the smaller lights below the normal ones to light up when using high beam?
    Much appreciated 🙂

  5. Piet says:

    All rights reserved – lol

  6. Dorukhan says:

    some problem for me. if i add roof grill, i missed front grill. and i cant change front grill.

  7. Vadim says:

    With this mod can not go to avtosolon !!!

  8. Belarus says:

    Can I repair this truck in other colors? And can I repair the side skirts?
    The side skirts only with boat or no?

  9. Tyson says:

    Hi. I was just wondering, when I play ets2 , I have my graphic settings right down, does anyone know which option would just have it so the beacons reflect and so the lights shine/glow ? But I still need my graphics low just wondering I I can make that one Change??? Any help would be great

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