Volvo Deflector


Author: Brazilian


9 thoughts on “Volvo Deflector

  1. Where can i download that volvo type ?

    1. it’s the volvo FH classic ingame. it has been ingame since 1.0

      1. No not the volvo, but the Spoiler

        1. thats this mod. look at the arrows pointing at it in the picture

  2. can the owner make a deflector like this

    Truck on the right the volvo 😀

    The deflector on the picture is a little bit wider and not so high

  3. Great mod, be amazing to see something like this on Mercedes C n MAN C Cab like in these 2 pics (1 on the left)

  4. Someone Posted this mod, this mod is very old, do not download


    1. foi tu que postou né viado?

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