Volvo Display Edit v 1.0

Volvo Display (2) Volvo Display (1)

Rework display for Volvo.

Version 1.0:
– Added “Navigation distance” to Volvo FH 2012
– Added “Low fuel warning” to Volvo FH 2012
– Swapping between “Temterature” and “Water temperatire” in Volvo FH 2009
– Added “Low fuel” and “Non-modal damage” warnings to Volvo FH 2009
– Added “Navigation distance” page to Volvo FH 2009

Tested on: 1.18.3s

Author: Shineslip


10 Responses to Volvo Display Edit v 1.0

  1. sunnoco says:

    Excellent job! Thank you so much for sharing! Works perfect in 1.18 and, at least for me, it’s very useful for driving Jeep Grand Cherokee. Once again, thank you so much and keep up the great and hard work, Shineslip!

  2. Marecki says:

    Once again you have improved my game – thank you very much!

  3. wegger says:

    Nice mod!

  4. Rookie_one says:

    Hey, I thought you said that you would’nt be doing the Volvo display 😛

    Fine work, only way it could be better in my own opinion (feel free to not do it, as i admit that i’m an #####) is if the display for the FH 2012 looked like Kuba one concerning the general look and if the volvo logo page (usually displayed at startup) was added for the FH 2009

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