Volvo EDC

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– 1 type of cabin
– 1 type chassis
– 4 types of engines
– 2 types of transmissions
– 2 types of inner
– More than 50 accessories

Tested in version 1.24.x

NOTE: When you enter the dealership to make the purchase, the truck will be missing several parts, it is not bug, all the parts that are missing from the truck will be added in the accessories tab. This was done to give the impression that you are building your first truck.

Author: Rafael Alves

DOWNLOAD 105 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 105 MB [Uploadfiles]

12 Responses to Volvo EDC

  1. BigTrucker uk#1 says:

    full review of truck at 3pm on 19/8/2016 on

  2. BigTrucker uk#1 says:

    full review on my channel

  3. BS1 says:

    Where are the stock versions of this trucks?
    Why do we only see this pathetic tuned trucks in ETS2?


    • Saito says:

      I didn’t get why you’re saying this, the mod provides the stock pieces of this truck, it’s just a brazilian version of the truck and, yes the truck left the factory with these chassis, tanks, etc… and the customizations, like antennas, other types of tanks, etc, can be changed…

  4. Terra says:

    @Rafael Alves – you talk too much dude, I wanted to hear the engine sound or something but it wasn’t possible over yours big mouth…

  5. Trucker says:

    The truck is nicely done, but be warned: if you use a standard Volvo F16 NorCargo (The one without tuning), this truck will REPLACE IT! Also i found a little glitch – glass doesn’t get wet in the rain.

    • Renato says:

      Yeah homie, that happens because this Volvo NL-12 EDC was made over the model of Volvo F16 Norcargo. If you look with some attention to the interior of both trucks, you’ll see that is exactly the same interior model, without the added accessories. And this is (or was) a W.I.P mod, the modder released it before it was finished, so it still has a lot errors.

  6. Evatisto says:

    Esse pack de rodas é da onde?

  7. Diablo says:


  8. Jabo says:

    You made a well contructed mod my friend. The truck is driving very well so a good combi between engine and gearbox. The “looks”of the truck is very nice. Maybe in the future some more add-ons like highpipes, lights?
    Thanks a lot for this one.

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