Volvo F Series RGD + BDF Tandem ETS2 v1.48+ (08/21/2023)

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Autonomous, does not replace anything, bought from a VOLVO dealer.
4 chassis for coupling semi-trailers.
2 chassis for hitching a BDF trailer.
6 types of cabins.
Native salon 2 types.
3 wiper modes.
Intense tuning.
There are coiled cables with advanced physics.
There is an animation of cables for trailers and BDF.
Added a tandem trailer to boot (everything is in fashion).
Separately, a BDF dummy for single transport of goods.
Working window animation.

Last changes on 1.48:
Complete adaptation to the version. (FIX)
Searched for errors on all MAT files. (FIX)
Fixed lighting of all indicators on the dashboard.(FIX)
Fixed and improved some dashboard textures.(Improved+FIX)
Enabled bumper lighting with (fog) lights.(Improved)
Redesigned and aesthetically improved all types of bumpers. (Improved)
Also, paint and chrome options have been added to the bumpers. (Improved)
Improved chassis textures – metal and chrome. (Improved)
Improved headlight illumination.(Improved)
Added missing sounds to the interior.(FIX)
Added smoke to silencer.(Improved)
Added a new pack of headlights, counter-baits and a large pack of flashing beacons.
Fixed not displaying icon in truck gallery.(FIX)
Added a pack of glossy paints – 42 items.
The log is cleaned up to 100% (percent).

Last test on ETS2:

Attention: If the goods in the company do not work and their own goods have disappeared!!!
We turn on the game and then the console, and enter the following command: g_force_economy_reset 1.
After we enter the game itself and rejoice 🙂

Authors: SHOOFER, @MaxX_Agent@ and others.
Authors of the general modification: @MaxX_Agent@ and AJIEHA
Author of adaptation and improvements to 1.48: @MaxX_Agent@.
Author of the conversion of the entire 3D Model and animation: @MaxX_Agent@.
Author of the pack of containers from skins: @MaxX_Agent@.
Author of the pack of headlights and flashing beacons: @MaxX_Agent@.


3 thoughts on “Volvo F Series RGD + BDF Tandem ETS2 v1.48+ (08/21/2023)

  1. and u don’t see the long credits
    wht a toxic community
    he just reupload it or maybe he updates to work with latest version of ETS
    u should thank him rather than blame him i think

    1. Oleg Strukov

      не обращайте внимание, это бот. Везде один и тот же комментарий.

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