Volvo F Series

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Volvo Dealer
Volvo F12 and F16

Mahyar.Gh – MR.Reza – SHOOFER –


8 thoughts on “Volvo F Series

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. darkexplorer64

    This is my favorite truck, great job !!
    HD test:

  3. Do you plan to do a right hand drive version?

  4. Same file exactly as the one I already have, nothing updated just another ###### reupload 🙁

    1. Indeed that dose this one have that the one already uploaded don’t have? any updates? fixes? addons?

  5. very a pleasure to drive this truck, feel like the real old one

  6. In the next update, would it be possible to make all the curtains removable? But at least this doesn’t have crud all over the cabin like the other Volvo F12 mod.

  7. Does this mod come with skinning templates?

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